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Dear customer,

Please carefully check the quality of the windscreen you want to buy!

In the following you can find many judicial notes for the use of glass-windshields or windshields made of Plexiglas

But note, that all UR-Glass-windshields fulfill those statutory provisions and have the required quality marks on the screen.


Windshield mounting and law

In all case the screen, which is used, has to fulfill strict security prescriptions and have a mark of quality or a test mark on it (like all glasses of your car!)

Without this test mark your operating license of the car is gone! The relating extracts of the Road-Traffic-Licensing-Regulations (StVZO) are §22a + §40:


§ 19 Issue and validity of approval

The operating license of the vehicle expires if the approved in the type-approval of vehicle is changed or if there is danger expected to road users


All UR- Windschott are mounted form – fitting and safely on the carAll UR- Windschott will be supplied with an approval license from the German TÜVAll screen are made of special tempered high quality glass, which breaks in case of overload into very small fragments which will expect very low risk of injury.




The function of our windshield

A windshield is a very important accessory for many Roadster / cabriolet driver because it significantly reduces the draught while driving with open top. An optimal/ good windshield therefore also allows that with relatively low outside temperatures open can be driven.Windshields made of synthetic nets restrict significantly backwards view - at dawn, at night or in the darker season view disability is particularly serious. Windshields made of synthetic nets are also very quickly dirty and sensitive against mechanical influences. Acrylic glass windshields flap depending of speed more or less strongly, because the material has not the required stability or the attachments are not sufficient. When you use an inappropriate acrylic glass, which typically are used from inexperienced manufacturer, it is very quickly ruined due to scratches and gets milky. Acrylic glass (Polycarbonate) is no glass and has nothing to do with glass, except the transparency only at new condition and shortly time limited.A glass-windshield from UR-WINDSCHOTT made of special glass with DIN -ESG stamp and TÜV - confirmation in contrast, guaranteed full view backward, resistant against scratches, easily to clean and permanent fun. The design and shapes of our products are tested by many attempts on the vehicle even on max. speed with special devices and optimized without disturbing the overall picture of the vehicle.